Wedding is not just about a new bond between two individuals, but it is moreover a lifelong union of two souls who wish to spend their entire life with each other. This event has lot of memories to be carried forward for the life time, which have to be captured well accordingly. YEE has the perfect team to capture all of your soulful memories and deliver you a memorable wedding.

Wedding is an event which should be enjoyed fully rather than worrying about managing it. We provide you with a complete package that will help you to remain stress free and enjoy all the precious moments. Planning, designing, organizing and coordination all of the activities are performed by trained and skilled team members. We strive to make your D day the best day of your life.

We provide services which include:

  • Wedding Venues
  • Designer Invitations
  • Theme Wedding
  • Catering
  • Ladies Sangeet
  • Choreographers
  • Mehandi Night
  • Photography and Videography
  • Baraat Band
  • Entertainment
  • Bridal Makeup 
  • Fireworks
  • Guest Accommodation and Hospitality
  • Travel Arrangements 


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